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National Labor Relations Board attorneys have filed more than 100 unfair labor practice complaints against Starbucks in connection with a union organizing drive at the coffee chain.


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3 Major Organizing & Bargaining Developments Of 2024 So Far

By Beverly Banks

The first half of 2024 saw labor gaining ground in contract talks between Starbucks and Workers United and an organizing victory for the United Auto Workers at a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee, but experts shared that the presidential election this year could affect unions' momentum.

NLRB's Lone Republican Balks At Starbucks Decert. Dismissal

By Beverly Banks

A split National Labor Relations Board panel on Thursday upheld the dismissal of a Starbucks worker's bid to oust the union at a Portland, Oregon, cafe, drawing a dissent from the board's lone Republican appointee, who thought the decertification election should happen despite pending unfair labor practice claims.

Starbucks Questions NLRB Constitutionality After ALJ Ruling

By Beverly Banks

Starbucks fought an agency judge's ruling over the termination of a union supporter in Michigan with claims that the National Labor Relations Board's structure violates the U.S. Constitution, challenging removal protections for board members and administrative law judges.

Starbucks Can't Bar 'Union Strong' On Cup, NLRB Judge Says

By Beverly Banks

Starbucks violated federal labor law by enforcing a rule that barred workers from putting messages like "union strong" on customers' cups during a "sip-in" action, a National Labor Relations Board judge ruled, saying the policy could dissuade a reasonable worker from participating in union activities.

Starbucks Cleared Over Firing Chicago-Area Lead Organizer

By Beverly Banks

Starbucks lawfully fired a union supporter who made a negative remark about a customer, a National Labor Relations Board judge concluded while also finding the company did violate federal labor law by telling the worker that they weren't thinking about their family when backing the union.

Starbucks Illegally Fired Ga. Worker, NLRB Judge Says

By Emily Brill

Starbucks violated federal labor law when it fired a worker for leading a protest at a recently unionized Augusta, Georgia, cafe, a National Labor Relations Board judge ruled Friday, adding Starbucks also flouted labor law by demanding the worker show the company his communications with Workers United.

NLRB Judge Dings Starbucks' Rule On Being Respectful

By Beverly Banks

Starbucks illegally maintained a policy telling workers to communicate in a professional and respectful way, a National Labor Relations Board judge ruled, finding the coffee chain hadn't shown how the rule furthered its business interests.

Supreme Court Tightens NLRB Injunction Test

By Braden Campbell

The U.S. Supreme Court made it tougher for the National Labor Relations Board to win injunctions against employers Thursday in a case involving Starbucks, directing courts to strictly apply a four-factor test when the board sues to stem alleged unfair labor practices.

NLRB Judge Orders Starbucks Exec Video As ULP Remedy

By Beverly Banks

Starbucks violated federal labor law multiple times at cafes near Phoenix where union organizing efforts with Workers United were brewing, a National Labor Relations Board judge ruled, recommending an order to make the coffee chain post a video recording of a reading notice about employees' rights.

Starbucks, Workers United Secure Tentative Accords In Talks

By Beverly Banks

Starbucks and Workers United said Friday that collective bargaining talks have resulted in tentative agreements related to just cause, union representation and transparency between the parties, marking another step toward a first labor contract for the coffee chain and union.

Mich. Starbucks Firings Get Mixed Outcome From NLRB ALJ

By Braden Campbell

Starbucks did not violate federal labor law at a Michigan store by firing a union backer who cursed at his boss in front of customers, but crossed the line by canning another worker who used more measured language, a National Labor Relations Board judge said Tuesday.

NLRB Nixes Enforcement Bid Against Starbucks At 9th Circ.

By Beverly Banks

The National Labor Relations Board called for the dismissal of its enforcement bid against Starbucks in the Ninth Circuit over a decision finding the company illegally threatened workers in Hawaii, saying the coffee chain has expressed an intent to follow the board's decision.

NLRB Attys Say Mich. Starbucks Injunction Row Must Proceed

By Beverly Banks

The U.S. Supreme Court's pending decision over a National Labor Relations Board injunction standard shouldn't pause a Michigan federal court case against Starbucks seeking reinstatement of fired employees, the board argued Monday, saying a stay would be detrimental to the workers' interests.

2nd Circ. Calls Starbucks' Union Discovery Order 'Overbroad'

By Gina Kim

The Second Circuit on Wednesday revived the National Labor Relations Board's suit seeking to halt Starbucks' alleged labor violations nationwide, finding that the lower court erred in tossing the suit for noncompliance with its "overbroad" discovery order granting the coffee chain's subpoenas seeking confidential union intel and workers' communications.

Starbucks Fired Worker Over Early Closure, NLRB Judge Says

By Tim Ryan

Starbucks unlawfully fired a worker who closed a store early in protest of staffing issues, a National Labor Relations Board judge held Friday, saying the action was a protected strike and that the worker did not lose the protection of federal labor law during heated conversations with managers.

NLRB Judge Finds 'Serious' ULPs At 2 Ohio Starbucks Stores

By Beverly Banks

Starbucks committed "serious and widespread unfair labor practices" at two stores in Cleveland where union organizing campaigns were underway, a National Labor Relations Board judge concluded, finding the coffee chain must read a notice to workers about their rights.

Split NLRB Finds Starbucks Made Threat To Wis. Worker

By Beverly Banks

A Starbucks manager unlawfully threatened a worker while discussing a Workers United organizing campaign at a Wisconsin cafe, a divided National Labor Relations Board determined, with the board's lone Republican finding what the manager said didn't rise to the level of a threat or interrogation.

Starbucks Wants NLRB Injunction Bid To Wait On High Court

By Emily Brill

A Michigan federal judge should wait on deciding whether to issue an injunction against Starbucks in a wrongful firing case out of Ann Arbor, the company argued, saying the U.S. Supreme Court must first decide a case concerning how injunctions are dispensed to National Labor Relations Board prosecutors.

NLRB Official Tosses Starbucks Union Ouster Bid In Mich.

By Beverly Banks

A Starbucks worker in Michigan can't proceed with a bid to oust the Workers United union, a National Labor Relations Board regional director determined, finding that pending refusal-to-bargain claims block the petition from moving ahead for now.

NLRB Says Starbucks Withheld Info About NJ Store Closures

By Tim Ryan

Starbucks violated federal labor law by delaying its response to Workers United's request for information about temporary closures of a New Jersey store, the National Labor Relations Board ruled Thursday.